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Krishna on the potential for AI-assisted bioengineering

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NEW PAPER: Our Promoter Calculator predicts sigma70 transcription rates at every site across an arbitrary DNA sequence. Both canonical + non-canonical motifs. Applied to design + debug genetic systems. Congrats to first-author @travislafleur94! Read more: https://t.co/h1C6GlgS8C
#SynBYSS, August 25, Thursday, 10am US central
Dr. Nigel Mouncey @NigelJMouncey, the DOE JGI director @jgi @doescience, and Kaushik Venkatesan @kraj593 from University of Toronto @LMSE_UofT

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Congratulations to Dr. Kaushik Raj ( @kraj593) for successfully defending his #PhD thesis entitled "Design principles for engineering dynamic control of #metabolism in microbes for chemical production" supervised by @KMahadevanChE! 🎓💻🦠 #AcademicTwitter https://t.co/slU7RJXLAN LMSE_UofT photo

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